Work Experience
July 2014 - Present

Senior Research Analyst

bcs, inc (supporting u.s. department of energy)

• Supported DOE’s Sustainability Performance Office in collecting, analyzing, verifying, and compiling sustainability and energy data for DOE’s annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory reporting.

• Collaborated with team members to provide data analysis, quality control of data and user interface, and general development recommendations for the launch of a sustainability dashboard that improved the flow, consistency, and data integrity of DOE sustainability reporting efforts.

• Provided subject-matter input and edits for policies being issued at DOE and national levels.

• Created and maintained an Excel-based tool that stores energy disturbance (OE-417) data and generates figures to help visualize the data and provide quick context by comparing disturbances between state or NERC regions and national totals for individual and cumulative years.

• Performed data research and analysis in order to create charts, figures, and tables for inclusion in the final version of the first installment of the U.S. DOE’s Quadrennial Energy Review.

• Performed ad hoc research and data analysis on a variety of energy infrastructure, risk assessment, energy market topics, as well as DOE sustainability performance goals and trends and provided technical and content inputs, reviews, and edits on documents as needed.

May 2013 - Aug. 2013

NGA Summer Scholar – Environment, Energy and Transportation Division

national governors association (NGA)

• Researched policies, technologies and environmental/economic impacts relating to the continuing development of shale gas production in the United States in order to determine appropriate forum panelists and topics for a governors’ forum on shale energy development.

• Collaborated with NGA team members in interviewing leading experts, related to shale gas development, in order to find most qualified speakers for keynote and breakout sessions.

• Compiled recently enacted state-specific clean energy policies and actions for inclusion into NGA’s State Clean Energy Action Database (a Department of Energy funded project) and helped author the ‘State Clean Energy Actions: 2013 Update’ report.

• Created a workflow tracking system for future database updates and provided NGA with a report detailing recommendations for database improvement that will improve functionality and provide greater utility for users.

May 2012 - Aug. 2012

Climate Corps Fellow

environmental defense fund (EDF)

• Performed energy efficiency assessments on Wakefern’s Shop-Rite groceries stores with the highest energy use intensity to help identify inefficient technologies and practices.

• Collaborated with EDF and Wakefern’s Corporate Communication and Retail Engineering departments to craft project recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades in assessed stores.

• Created financial, energy use, and carbon emissions models for 290+ potential efficiency projects that would result in annual savings of $530,000 and yearly emissions reductions of 2,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide for the lifetime of projects if implemented.

• Communicated and conferred with other Climate Corps Fellows embedded within other organizations to determine best methods and practices for energy efficiency project recommendations and research.

Jan 2012 - May 2012

Graduate Research Assistant

school of public and environmental affairs (SPEA) - indiana university

• Researched alternative fuel technologies, including liquid natural gas, compressed natural gas, LPG and diesel, for heavy duty trucks to assist in expanding an accepted paper on the cost benefit analysis of diesel electric hybrid technology.

• Analyzed and synthesized energy and fuel data from the Energy Information Administration and created DGE (diesel gallon equivalent) price predictions for the alternative fuels being considered through 2035.

• Performed literature review on prior papers, research, and case studies relating to natural gas use in heavy duty fleet vehicles and general natural gas infrastructure requirements and barriers.,Performed literature review on prior papers, research, and case studies relating to natural gas use in heavy duty fleet vehicles and general natural gas infrastructure requirements and barriers.

Apr. 2007 - Aug. 2011

Senior Reimbursement Analyst

indiana university health

• Prepared annual cost reports and related workpapers for multiple hospitals, and other ad hoc research, reporting and analysis projects including month-end 3rd party contractual analysis and journal entry calculations.

• Collaborated intra/interdepartmentally to utilize the considerable experience and knowledge available in order to most effectively and efficiently complete team projects and meet departmental, finance, and regulatory deadlines.

• Researched and sought out ways to improve and simplify processes using available technology and to supplement my knowledge of the information systems and computer programs involved in my responsibilities.

May 2003 - Apr. 2007

Health Policy & Reimbursement Analyst

myers and stauffer, LC

• Performed detailed analysis of Medicaid claims and expenditure trends, integrity monitoring for Medicaid reimbursement systems, creation and manipulation of complex data sets, and other reimbursement related initiatives.

• Maintained a continuous working knowledge of healthcare related resources, federal and state regulations and policy, and general claims processes.

Aug. 2001 - Jan. 2003

Relationship Management Analyst

natcity investments

• Controlled accounting and reporting of relationship management between the 1,100+ National City Bank (now PNC) branches and NatCity Investments locations.

• Converted referral reporting system from an Excel-based system to a semi-automated Access database, improving the efficiency, reliability and integrity of the system by significantly reducing the time needed to maintain and update the system.

• Collaborated with all levels of the organization, from brokers and their assistants to the president and other company executives, regarding reporting needs and processes.

Aug. 2011 - Dec. 2013

Masters of Public Affairs and
MS of Environmental Science

school of public and environmental affairs - indiana university


Merit Award Recipient

Concentrations: Sustainable Development & Energy

Coursework and Experience:

• Sustainable Communities – Collaborated with Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, Bloomington Sustainability Commission, pilot businesses and other stakeholders to create the framework for a sustainable business certification program for the Bloomington, IN area.

• Statistical Analysis and Modeling, Public Management Economics, Energy Systems Engineering, Energy Economics & Policy, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Human Behavior and Energy Consumption

• Served two years as Dual Degree Representative in Graduate Student Association


• Energy Leaders Student Association (ELSA) - Founding Member

• Environmental Management & Sustainable Development Association (EMSDA)

Jan. 2007 - May 2010

Masters of Business Administration

falls school of business - anderson university


Honors Recipient - 4.0 GPA

Coursework & Experience:

• Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Financial Management, Leading Organizational Change, Organizational Behavior, Business Plan Development, HR Development Strategies

Aug. 1996 - May 2000

Bachelor of Arts - Finance

falls school of business - anderson university

Major: Finance

Minor: Information Systems


Honors: Anderson University Deans List

Organizations: Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)


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